Basing on the previous experiences in the projects, consortium members decided that Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining (IMBiGS) will play a role of  Project’s leader. IMBiGS teams has a knowledge and competences both, in running R&D projects and managing projects co-financed with public funds. In addition IMBIGS is a very active in range of commercialization of solutions and technologies developed by R&D departments.

One of the most important project in this field is project entitled „Mobile demonstration line for generation  of Renewable ENERGY from micronised biomass” carried out with support of LIFE+ funding  (the amount of funding 2 816 056 Euro). The consortium will include the following R&D partners:

  • Institute of Power Engineering (IEn) – one of the largest institutes in Poland and Central Europe providing research in the field of energy technologies.  Entity focused on the creation of new knowledge in a broad range of energy technologies by scientific research, development and demonstration activities as well as various types of measurements, tests, case studies and expert analysis. The activities and research carried out in the Institute are outcomes of scientific needs                and also a direct response to expectations of the energy sector and other industrial sectors.
  • Institute of Technology and Life Sciences (ITP) - conducting scientific research and development works in natural sciences and technology – in particular agro-ecosystems, complex technologies in crop production and obtaining energy from renewable sources.
  • Warsaw University of Technology (UW) - the biggest and the oldest technical University in Poland. Today one of the leading institutes of technology in Poland, and one of the largest in Central Europe

    The consortium will include also partners from industry, which will play a significant role in the project, i.e.:

  • Egovita Sp. z o.o.(Egovita) – Technologically oriented company, Beneficiary of the project "Launching the production of micronized bio fuels from renewable raw materials" under the Operational Program Innovative Economy 2007-2013. The partner who will be responsible for implementation of the results of the project.
  • Zakłady Urządzeń Kotłowych „Stąporków”(ZUK) – Boiler Manufacturing Company specializes in producing machines and devices for: heat power engineering, heat power industry, sugar factories, cement mills, steelworks and foundries, construction companies

Instytut Mechanizacji Budownictwa i Górnictwa Skalnego / The Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining (IMBIGS)  – Project leader 

The Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining (IMBIGS), established in 1951, is an interdisciplinary, scientific research unit. The principal activity of the Institute is to conduct research and development works adapting the results to apply in practice and implementation of the results of scientific research and development within technical sciences in the areas of:

  • mechanization and automation of industry, construction and rock mining;
  • environmental protection, including waste management and use of waste as alternative energy sources;
  • new products and innovative manufacturing technologies of building materials and road-based waste materials, including coal mining;
  •  building products and materials, including thermal insulation and waterproofing, sealing and roof covering.

The scope of activities of the Institute include conducting scientific research giving the theoretical basis for the development of new design and technology, conducting standardization activities, certification and Approvals;  dissemination of research results, including through conducting activities in terms of scientific, technical and economic information, inventions and the protection of industrial and intellectual property, as well as supporting business innovation, conducting seminars, training courses and conferences - domestic and international and providing services in the field: research, technology, measuring and development of opinions and expertise in the field of research and development work.



Egovita is a company which base their activities in applying unique technology - reduction of raw materials of different origin. This technology is characterized by simplicity of operation, low rates of failure and low power consumption. The main advantage is obtaining the smallest possible particle size. Business area covers the broader market for energy, food and mineral fillers. The company has experienced staff and broad technical background.



Instytut Energetyki /Institute of Power Engineering -
The Institute of Power Engineering (IEn) is one of the largest institutes in Poland and Central Europe providing research in the field of energy technologies. The Institute is a modern state owned research and development center. The Institute covers a wide area of energy research from expert works for the power sector, to investigations of the most advanced technologies of energy generation, such as fuel cells, clean coal technologies and renewable energy sources. The advantage of the Institute is the experienced scientific, engineering and technical staff (more than 500 people) as well as numerous modern, sometimes unique laboratory facilities. The Institute is a member of the European Energy Research Alliance EERA and participates in numerous EU research projects.
In terms of tasks the project will be implemented by Thermal Processes Department carrying out research and development related to thermal energy conversion. The Department also performs measurements as well as energy devices diagnostic and research related to the analysis and implementation of new high-duty energy technologies. Thermal Processes Department offers gasification reactors and complete solutions for pulverized coal burners and crushed biomass, for which patent rights have been obtained and are currently deployed in more than 50 power plants and thermal power plants.



Instytut Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy  / Institute of Technology and Life Sciences (ITP)
Institute of Technology and Life Sciences carries out research and development studies, advisory activities, inventions creation together with Intellectual Property Rights protection, education, promotion, and dissemination in natural sciences and engineering in the following areas:

  • Protection, utilization and development of agroecosystems, water resources, permanent grasslands and the landscape and rural infrastructure.
  • Innovative, complex technologies in plant and animal production and in biomass processing, food processing technologies, rural infrastructure and technical support in obtaining energy from renewable sources.
  • Safety of the technology used and the use of machinery and equipment.

Especially following fields are in the scope of Institute works: bioenergy production, energy production from renewable sources, new and innovative technologies creation, implementation of energy efficient solutions, energetical effectivity, material and energy expenses in investigated technologies, economical effectivity of new technologies, agroenergy, biomass processing technologies, CO2 emissions reduction, impact on environment investigation for technologies, technologies improvement, rational economy of water and wastes, biotechnology, material and economical balances, economical and technical analyses of different kind technologies, etc.



Politechnika Warszawska - Instytut Techniki Cieplnej  / Institute of Heat Engineering (Power and Aeronautical Engineering Faculty, Warsaw University of Technology)

The Institute of Heat Engineering was established in 1961.
The research activities of the Institute of Heat Engineering are pursued in the following main areas: cooling and air conditioning; low temperature technology; clean coal technologies; fluidised boilers; methods for modelling of boilers and turbines under off-design conditions; research methods in transitional states; power system structures; communal and industrial power economy; fuel cells in power technology; flow and heat meters (for certification purposes); retrofits of small and medium size steam turbines; retrofits of steam boilers, especially the fluidised ones; power unit simulators; advanced control devices; reliability problems in power engineering systems and energy supply; centrifugal pumps; power plants; power management (environmental protection, central heating); characteristics of large pumps - in situ measurements; experimental studies of combustion phenomena such as: ignition, flame propagation, detonation of gaseous and heterogeneous mixtures, flammability and explosibility limits, suppression of combustion and explosions; shock wave interaction with flames and dust layer; combustion in piston, turbine and rocket engines, alternative fuels - hydrogen, natural gas and hydrogen safety; combustion chambers and burners; computer simulations of combustion and detonation processes; measurement and recording of extremely high speed processes; small propulsion systems for satellites; measurement of thermal properties; heat storage; computer methods in heat transfer; thermo-electric energy conversion, cooling, electric current generation; heat transfer in complex media (porous media, thermal insulations, composites); heat transfer with phase changes and in combustion engines; laser shock effects on solids; heat transfer in combustion engines; laser shock effects on solids; photo-thermal solar energy conversion; sources and energy conversion; heat transfer in extremely loaded blades and elements of aircraft engines.



Zakłady Urządzeń Kotłowych ZUK Stąporków S.A  / The Staporkow S.A. Boiler Manufacturing Company

The Staporkow S.A. Boiler Manufacturing Company has been continuously operating in the market for 35 years now. During that period, we have gained specialist knowledge and experience, thus strengthening our position in the trade.
The company specialises in producing machines and devices for: heat power engineering, heat power industry, sugar factories, cement mills, steelworks and foundries, construction companiesspecialises in producing machines and devices for: heat power engineering, heat power industry, sugar factories, cement mills, steelworks and foundries, construction companies.