The development of research on the rational management of resources of plant, animal and micro-organisms in conjunction with the application of innovative solutions that improve the effectiveness of their implementations creates a new area of activities under the name of bio-economy.

The concept of bio-economy combines intensive research in many fields of science with innovative, versatile use of renewable raw materials. The bio-economy also includes issues concerned with energy’s acquisition from renewable sources. Currently the bio-economy is a strategic, over sectoral form of actions, and since it is based on natural resources, it will inextricably be of key importance for the future of the EU, including Poland. An undertaking the research in this area is an opportunity for a dynamic development of the Polish economy.

The aim of the project is to develop and prepare to implementation the cogeneration boiler based on a gas turbine, which utilizes the energy and heat production technology from micronized waste biomass.

The Project concerns the energy and heat production using micronized biofuels made in the process that hasn’t been known (outside the sphere of research) in Poland, and that doesn’t have its counterpart in the world. The innovativeness of the above mention solutions will also rely on a combination of micronization set, the gas and dust turbine’s set, and hybrid boiler set, which will allow for direct, in-line transformation of biomass into electricity and heat. The boiler will be able to operate on fuel oil and / or gas (depending on the choice of the strategic market area) and microdust biofuel. It will also be generated by the heat in the form of air from the outlet of the turbine. Currently, there are no boilers with a hybrid burner for oil, gas and microdust.

The project’s scope includes conducting research and development works aimed at the construction of the cogeneration boiler prototype, testing the electricity and heat production as well as preparation the technology for implementation.

Phases of the project:


  • Industrial research leading to construction of a prototype cogeneration boiler
  • Building the prototype installation and conducting the development work

Purpose of research:

Developing conditions for a stable process of cogeneration - producing electricity and heat using a hybrid gas turbine and boiler capable to work interchangeably on biomass and conventional fuels.


  • Development of the documentation for the system implementation
  • The protection of industrial property rights